Supporting Next Generation World-Class Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Startups

Augmentor is a 10 week equity-free programme supporting start-ups working with immersive technologies. Powered by Digital Catapult and early stage investors Seedcamp, Augmentor is focused on companies developing innovative and commercially-focused applications of augmented, mixed and virtual reality.



Free workspace at Digital Catapult Centre London


Guidance and Support without Ownership Dilution


Bespoke Programme of Exclusive Masterclasses

Access to Facilities

Access to Digital Catapult’s Immersive Lab and Partner Facilities


Be Introduced to Leading Universities


Digital Catapult and Seedcamp Open Doors to Public Sector and Larger Companies


Company Showcase at Special Investor Event

Take Advantage of Key Benefits

From March to May 2017, in partnership with HTC, the programme will deliver technical and business mentorship, workspace for teams at Digital Catapult Centre London, access to state-of-the-art immersive facilities, regular check-ins with Seedcamp, wrapping up with an investor showcase event to be held in May.

Augmentor Showcase

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Selected Companies

Selected Companies

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive 3D creation tool design for mixed reality. Create 3D models, concept drafts, and work in a fast and intuitive way through the use of AR, VR, and Touch technologies.

Immersive Rehab

Immersive Rehab offers an engaging and motivating solution to the current limitations of physical and neuro-rehabilitation, in particular for people with upper limb mobility limitations, by creating interactive environments in virtual reality that increase the effectiveness of physical rehab.


Kinicho specialise in ambisonic and binaural 3D audio and are currently developing a new 3D audio engine for delivering realistic sonic experiences. Kinicho also design and install 3D audio PA systems as well as create advance 3D sound design. In 2016 Kinicho was selected as an Innovate 2016 showcase business for Cosmos.


KOSKI is a mixed reality gaming platform which connects physical and digital worlds together. Augmented reality in combination with real wooden blocks creates a new immersive game experience, where players can chase monsters, compete with friends or train their brain. Downloaded on players smart device, KOSKI brings games to life.

Reality Zero One

Reality Zero One’s mission is to design and create a world class end-to-end reality capture and digital delivery platform.  Reality Zero One Build tools that make getting real things into 3D a joyful process and are crafting a pipeline that reduces time and cost pressures associated with doing so.


VRTU is a Virtual Reality for social impact company. It currently produces VR content specifically tailored to provide caregivers and patients therapeutic resources to combat symptoms of dementia using a unique approach to Reminiscence Therapy.




Product Head, Vive Europe


Tech Evangelist, Microsoft Hololens


Tech Evangelist, Microsoft Hololens

Luis Diego
González Zúñiga

Senior Engineer - Developer Advocate, Samsung Research UK


Vice President Corporate Development, Improbable


CEO, Holition


Commercial Director EMEA, Blippar


Global Director of Marketing, Imagination


Professor, University College London

Dr. Darren

Reader, Department of Computer Science and Director, University of Bath and CAMERA


Associate Professor of Computer Animation, National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University


CEO and Founder, Realities Centre

Samantha Kingston
Bertie Millis

Client Director and Director, Virtual Umbrella


CEO, Unfold Stories


Immersive Media Specialist


Head of Nexus Interactive Arts, Nexus Studios


Executive Director, The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)




Partner, Founder Centric


Founder and CEO, Digital Jam


Professor, ICREA University of Barcelona and Virtual Bodyworks S.L.


Lead Technologist Immersive, Digital Catapult


Deputy Head of School of Media & Performing Arts and Co-Founder, Coventry University and Perspectives VR


Founder, Captivate VR


Early Stage Investor, London Co-Investment Fund


Investment Associate, Mercia Technologies


Early Stage Investor, Seedcamp


HTC Vive

Microsoft Hololens

EDF Energy

Penningtons Manches

University College of London

CAMERA, University of Bath

Bournemouth University

Realities Centre

Immerse UK

Powered by Digital Catapult and Seedcamp


Digital Catapult works with SMEs to help them grow and scale faster. It helps larger corporates in their digital transformation. It does this through programmes of collaboration and open innovation, by bringing academic leading edge expertise into the mix combined with the organisation’s own business and technological expertise.



Seedcamp is Europe’s leading first round fund, backing the most ambitious founders at pre-seed and seed stages and providing them with a lifelong platform of network, capital and learning to scale valuable, global businesses. Seedcamp was founded in 2007 to help European startups bridge the gap between knowledge and capital. Today, Seedcamp invests in startups from all over the world and has backed over 230 companies across a wide range of sectors – including the likes of TheWaveVR, the world’s first social VR music platform, and Splash, the mobile platform for capturing experiences in VR.



About Augmentor

What is Augmentor?

Augmentor is a 10 week equity-free programme supporting start-ups working with immersive technologies

What is the purpose of Augmentor?

Augmentor will support emerging applications of immersive technologies and make the UK the best place in the world to develop content for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Who is involved?

Augmentor is powered by Digital Catapult and early stage investors Seedcamp. We also have a number of industry and academic partners and experts involved including HTC and others that you will find listed elsewhere on this site.

What are you looking for?

We are looking to raise the profile of companies developing innovative applications of virtual, augmented and mixed reality that are looking for investment in the next 6 months. Your idea should be at or past concept stage with at least two team members. We are especially interested in immersive technology being applied to the Health & Care, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Creative Industries.

About My Company

Do I need a company to join Augmentor?

Yes, you must have incorporated to participate in Augmentor.

What stage does my company need to be at?

Augmentor is available for those companies that already have a working demo or launched product, but raised less than £400,000 in capital.

What size of company will be considered?

Augmentor is for teams of no less than two and no more than six people.

What if I'm not based in the UK?

We welcome start-ups from across Europe but it is expected that teams will make use of the work space offered at the Digital Catapult Centre in London and be present in person for mentorship sessions and the investor showcase event.

Can you get us visas?

No, sorry, we can’t do that for you. But we may help where we can.

How are companies selected for Augmentor?

Applications will be screened by Digital Catapult and Seedcamp. Those that pass this stage will be included in a longlist at time of applications closing. This will be reduced to a list of 10 companies by the Judging Panel (Mentors, Partners, Digital Catapult and Seedcamp), with each company then invited to a Selection Event on Monday March 13, consisting either video or in-person pitches at Digital Catapult Centre, London. No more than six companies will then be selected for the programme. Judgement will be made on the quality of idea, a team’s ability to deliver and market readiness/capacity.

Do we need to send a business plan?

No, just complete the online application form.

What Does Augmentor Offer?

How will Augmentor help companies?

From March to May 2017, in partnership with HTC, the programme will deliver technical and business mentorship, workspace for teams at Digital Catapult Centre London, full access to state-of-the-art immersive facilities, wrapping up with an investor showcase event to be held in May.

Will this company provide me with workspace?

Successful companies will be expected to be based at Digital Catapult Centre in London from March 20 through to May

Is there funding available?

Augmentor will not provide capital investment, however it will help build relationships with investors.

What facilities will we get to use?

Companies will gain access to Digital Catapult’s Immersive Demo Lab and those of our partners.


How much equity do you take?

Augmentor is equity free and there are no fees associated with participation.

I'm concerned about my intellectual property. Should I be?

Your application will be screened by Digital Catapult and Seedcamp who may share this with mentors and partners in selecting companies. For this and other practical reasons, please don’t ask us to sign an NDA. We can only achieve these kinds of activities if we have the trust of the tech community so it is not in our interest to release or take a share in any of your IP.

What if I am involved in another accelerator programme?

Fantastic, this is no problem. However, you will be expected to participate in certain events, activities and base your company at Digital Catapult Centre in London.

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